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2024 Keene Knights Athlete Registration



Keene Knights are currently registering for:

Cheerleading: Ages 5-14

NHYFSC Commissioners Statement

You and your child (son/daughter/ward) are making a commitment to learn a sport that will demand time, hard work and sacrifices. We believe that it will be a meaningful and rewarding experience in our football and cheerleading programs.


The NHYFSC has over 4,000 participants. The Conference stresses that conditioning and safety are paramount. Nevertheless, you should be aware that in spite of all reasonable precautions, injuries could happen. Football & Cheerleading is a collision/contact sport, and even the best equipment will not always prevent an injury due to the many random factors involved in contact. Football teams are offered as a grade based / age-protected division. Cheerleading squads are offered in age appropriate and ability levels. Each association selects their coaching staffs.


Football/Cheerleading is not an excuse to put schoolwork aside! The NHYFSC prides itself in the scholastic rankings achieved by its member associations. Football/Cheerleading will complement the learning experience but never replace it. As a condition of membership, all persons associated with the NHYFSC and its member associations agree to follow all National Affiliation, NHYFSC, and local rules and regulations.


The NHYFSC has a commitment to provide a positive environment for the youth participating in our program. It is necessary that parents, fans, others. understand that negative and unsportsmanlike behavior impacts the positive environment. Therefore, the NHYFSC expects the parents, fans, and others to refrain from that type of behavior, and comply with any and all requests made by local and/or state officials while attending any Event.


Have a great year,
Robert Schiavoni,
NHYFSC Commissioner

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information and sign up for participation.
Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 
This registration does not secure your spot with the Keene Knight's.  You must be registered on their own registration site. The link can be found at


Please direct questions to:

Caitlin Ward